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Project Description
C# application for exporting SQL queries into a CSV file for easy importing into Excel, Access, and any other programs that support CSV file importing. This application is handy for extraordinarily large query results that typically cause stability issues for other programs.

Best Use
This application finds its best use with queries that return an extremely large number of results (ie - 100,000+), as it writes each result to the designated CSV file as the result is retrieved. This means that there are no large objects or related datasets that store all of the query results. As stated, all data is immediately written to file.

Some applications allow for creating a SQL connection and retrieving data, however, large result sets tend to cause instability or "not responding" scenarios with those applications. This application is immune to such problems.

Future Versions
This project has just reached BETA status and is a little bit of time away from a 1.0 version. Development is ongoing with a large list of TODO items still yet to be coded. The most recent version appears to be completely stable and ready for everyday use.

One such example of a TODO item in future versions is the coding of a "wizard" for creating new reports. Such a wizard will be similar to the wizard that Visual Studio uses for creating a new data connection. It will include the ability to test the connection and test the query to ensure that they work properly. For now the connection and query must be created manually. Future versions will have more security incorporated so that SQL connection credentials are not viewed in plaintext. Also, the application will allow for importing .SQL script files that have been created from within SQL Server Management Studio.

If you have additional suggestions please offer them up within the Discussions section of this project site.

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